Beaver Restoration Webinar Series

Identifying Where to Place Beavers and When to Use Beaver Mimicry for Low Tech Restoration This second webinar in the ASWM-BLM Beaver Restoration Webinar Series focuses on making decisions about where beaver restoration and/or the use of beaver dam analogs (BDA) can have the greatest positive and least negative impacts. Understanding that beaver restoration is not well-suited for all contexts…

Rangeland Fall Forum 2020

Review – Reimagine – Reposition is the theme of the VIRTUAL 2020 Rangeland Fall Forum. The Rangeland Center will collaborate with the McClure Center for Public Policy Research and Society for Range Management (SRM) Idaho Chapter to foster reflection, discussion, and innovation. This event will bring together researchers, land managers, and producers to consider how to conserve and restore rangelands. Register online at our webpage, and join us…

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