Why do we need IRCP?
Idaho’s rangelands are critically important to our economy, local communities, for the open space and recreational opportunities they provide and as habitat for more than 350 species. Rangelands west-wide are under siege from multiple threats including fire, invasive plants, and development. Many locally lead multi-stakeholder collaboratives are stepping up to find solutions to these threats, but they often struggle to access the expertise, knowledge and capacity they need to have broad success. IRCP will act as a statewide network to support locally lead collaboratives through shared learning, partnership building, collective advocacy for rangelands and by advancing the science and tools for broader use of Outcome Based Land Management principles.




Our Mission: To bring together ranchers, conservationists, agencies, recreationists, scientists and other rangeland stakeholders to conserve and enhance the social, ecologic and economic values that rangelands provide through shared learning and action.

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