What sets IRCP apart
Idaho’s rangelands are critically important to our economy, local communities, for the open space and recreational opportunities they provide and as habitat for more than 350 species. Rangelands west wide are under siege from multiple threats including fire, invasive plants, increased recreational use and development.

The Idaho Rangeland Conservation Partnership serves as a conduit among rangeland stakeholders.  IRCP helps bring groups together that may not always have another avenue to communicate with each other on rangeland issues.  IRCP promotes understanding, learning and working towards collaborative solutions and opportunity. IRCP provides a place for conversations on important rangeland topics — ecological, social, and economic — and can help identify opportunities, solutions,  obstacles or barriers, and look for avenues to work together.  IRCP reaches across land ownerships, jurisdictions, and viewpoints while looking to foster cross education and to find collaborative solutions for healthy, sustainable rangelands and the communities that depend on them.

Click on this link to view day one’s recording of the IRCP 2022 Annual Meeting

Click on this link to view day two’s recording of the IRCP 2022 Annual Meeting

Our Mission: To bring together ranchers, conservationists, agencies, recreationists, scientists and other rangeland stakeholders to conserve and enhance the social, ecologic and economic values that rangelands provide through shared learning and action.

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