Brenda Richards, IRCP Coordinator

Brenda Richards, IRCP Coordinator

Brenda Richards brings over 25 years of experience in rangeland issues to the table along with expertise in the social and economic elements vital to rangeland decisions.  Her ranching background, work on rangeland and land policy, service as an elected leader, community involvement, and various leadership roles on local, state and national levels are well suited to help carry out expected duties of IRCP Coordinator along with allowing her to bring her networking capability and communication skills to the table. 

The IRCP Coordinator:

  • Represents IRCP at meetings, events, and with media
  • Helps bring diverse stakeholders together on rangeland issues
  • Supports locally led collaboratives participating in the IRCP network
  • Coordinates IRCP meetings including the IRCP Annual Meeting and Steering Committee meetings
  • Acts as liaison for IRCP with other collaborative efforts outside of Idaho
  • Create opportunities for shared learning
  • Participate in shared learning and cross education opportunities in Idaho and the region

(208) 880-3558

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 3
Murphy, ID 83650