Our Guiding Principles

  • Landscape-level
    Comprehensive approach to manage and conserve productive working landscapes while meeting desired ecological, economic and social outcomes.
  • Willing Participation
    Intended to benefit all those who choose to be involved and not impose unreasonable requirements or restrictions on landowners.
  • Inherently Collaborative
    Work with landscape partners to establish goals, develop management plans, leverage resources, and monitor progress.
  • Local Solutions-Broadly Informed
    Identify local challenges and work locally to find and share successful approaches.
  • Overcoming Barriers
    Discover real or perceived barriers and find ways to remove or overcome them in a timely manner.
  • No “One-Size Fits All”
    Effective outcome-based land management will need to be adapted to a local setting and require extensive flexibility, thus a rigid and prescriptive framework will not work.

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Mailing Address
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