Why Seek Collaboration?

A diverse group of people are needed to effectively accomplish outcome-based land management. Establishing desired outcomes, devising methods to accomplish these outcomes, and monitoring ecological, economic, and social outcomes will require approaches that can only be gained from people with a variety of knowledge, backgrounds, and resources. Strong partnerships will be needed to make wise decisions and survive criticism and litigation waged by those not involved in the process. Informed decisions in outcome-based management will require engaged participation from partners such as:

  • Owners of deeded land in landscapes who have significant knowledge of ecosystem processes gained through generations of managing resources and making a living on working landscapes.
  • Agency professionals who have worked in a variety of rangeland types and are familiar with a diversity of management approaches.
  • Conservationists with opportunities to engage an audience of community members who care about the ecological and economic health of their community.
  • Recreationists who can focus on the land resources of significant value for the enjoyment and solace for those who visit working landscapes.
  • Researchers and resource professionals to bring scientific information to decisions and help design monitoring strategies to effectively assess progress toward specified outcomes.

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