How to Join the IRCP

  • Contact Brenda Richards, IRCP Coordinator,  at
  • Read and sign the Membership Pledge.
  • Be sure to check the box allowing us to send you information on rangeland issues and IRCP information.

Members are encouraged to attend and actively participate in IRCP’s Annual Meeting each year.  In addition members will find opportunities to participate in workshops, events, and field trips IRCP may be hosting or participating in.  Members will also receive information about rangelands and rangelands related events IRCP knows about that would further their understanding, involvement and commitment to rangelands and the IRCP mission statement and Charter.

  • Agree to the mission statement, principles and purposes in outlined in the Charter
  • If an organization, government entity or private entity provide an assigned point of contact
  • Participate in the annual meeting
  • As capable, provide any support to further the purposes of IRCP
  • Assist with the networking of IRCP members and information
  • IRCP will operate as a body seeking broad agreement and striving to reach consensus
  • Any items or projects moving forward will be considered by the full group and presented in written form
  • Members will be allowed sufficient time to consider, discuss and offer comment on items or projects
  • Members who cannot attend a meeting may provide written comments and positions of topics outlined in an agenda.
  • Decisions at scheduled meetings will be based on input from Members attending along with comments submitted by any Members unable to attend
  • Levels of support for an item can be noted as Unqualified Support, General Support, Qualified Support, Qualified Disagreement, Fundamental Disagreement and abstaining if reason for abstention is provided.
  • If consensus on an issue cannot be reached, IRCP Members will continue to work for a set period of time (determined by the Chair) to reach agreement of make a decision that resolution is not attainable.
  • If agreement or resolution is not reached, the Steering Committee, in consultation with the Coordinator, will decide the best way to proceed.

(208) 880-3558

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 3
Murphy, ID 83650